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People Participation in Integrated Watershed Management and Community Development for Sustainable Growth of Tourism in Khajuraho Town of Madhya Pradesh, India

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 6 Issue 2

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Dr. Abha Mishra and Dr. Amitabh Mishra
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Water, being a vital resource, governs almost all the aspects of human life, style and growth. More or less all the important industries have flourished in and around the vicinity of water resources. Tourism is one such flourishing industry, which needs proper assessment and management of water resources of the concerned area, for its sustenance and expansion. This paper aims to study the significance of watershed management in developing the tourism and hospitality business in India, with special emphasis on Khajuraho town of Madhya Pradesh state. Though a world heritage site, this famous town is facing acute water crisis due to improper management and over- exploitation of the available water resources. The paper briefly describes the role of public participation in producing a better developed and managed watershed, having the ability to protract existing tourism and recreation activities and to enhance the potential value of the site for tourism. The methodology involves a survey questionnaire, including people of all age groups, local residents, hoteliers, eatery runners, government employees and students. The process takes into account; systems analysis for best options, farming systems research, water quality conditions, present water availability, technical assistance from government or non-government bodies and the suggestions for designing and implementation of a science based plan in the area. The variation in results show how people disagree about the most suitable ways for proper management of watershed, in order to have better tourism and hospitality opportunities. It has been found that the continuously declining water quality and quantity and ecological deterioration, is leading to deterioration of tourism and hospitality in Khajuraho, alarming the M.P. tourism officials, government authorities and local residents. There is thus an urgent need to tackle difficulties of environmental alterations through joint efforts of local residents and government. Key words: Watershed management, tourism, hospitality, Khajuraho, farming systems research, ecological deterioration, etc.

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