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Services at Restaurants: Expectation and Service Perception of Guests : a Case Study of Ranchi

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 6 Issue 2

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Abhinav Kumar Shandilya and Praveen Srivastava
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The meal experience for the guest is changing its face and the guest experience of meal starts well before his arrival in the restaurant. Eating out is accepted in the present day more than before. People do not hesitate in spending money if they get the opportunity to eat the food of their choice in the environment of their liking. This increasing demand of restaurant services along with changing customer expectation, with time and place, it has become important to understand the attributes which shape the customer perception of the restaurant service. This study focuses on the different attributes of Restaurant service from customer view point. The attributes are divided into core and peripheral, depending upon the importance customer lays to them. Based on the findings, the priority given to core and peripheral attributes of the restaurant service by guest is determined. The study is also aimed to find out the expectation and service perception of the customer and the performance of the Restaurant in meeting their expectations. Also, the attributes where there is a significant difference in the customer expectation and service perception are highlighted. The demographic profile of the guests visiting restaurants is also explored to have a better understanding of their preference. Key Words: restaurant, customer expectation, service perception, eating out experience

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