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Strategic Analysis of Medical Tourism: A Case Study of North Cyprus

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 7 Issue 2

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Kashif Hussain, Vinayaraj Mothiravally, Mohit Shahi and Erdogan H. Ekiz | Author(s) Affiliation: 1,2 & 3 - Taylor’s University, Malaysia; 4-Al-Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
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Medical tourism is currently an US$ 20 billion market and expected to grow US$ 100 billion by the year 2012. These estimations indicate a strong potential for growth in the future. In order to understand this potential many developing countries including North Cyprus started promoting medical tourism. Since North Cyprus is relatively new on the map of medical tourism destinations, the country needs to strategically position itself in the medical tourism market by recognizing its strengths and overcoming its weaknesses. The aim of this study is to investigate and analyze the concept of medical tourism, diagnose the level of its performance to related services, provide strategic directions for North Cyprus in achieving its share of revenue from the medical tourism industry and to promote the country as a medical tourism destination. A review of the concepts of medical tourism, its benefits, and different applications has been presented. A qualitative primary research survey was carried out using 22 semi-structured personal interviews investigating a combination of PEST and SWOT analysis approach used in this study as the strategic analysis of Medical Tourism services for North Cyprus. It has been found that the medical tourism will generate positive impacts for the tourism industry, increasing revenues for North Cyprus, especially during the winter seasons. Medical tourism can be an alternative tourism product and may culminate the low seasonality problem of the country. Medical tourism is considered important for North Cyprus, as it may bring prestige to the country and contribute to its marketing and publicity. In addition, North Cyprus tourism products are found to be very suitable for medical tourism. The results are discussed in detail and practical implications are emphasized.

Keywords: Medical Tourism, Strategic Analysis, Services, Performance, and North Cyprus

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