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Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 3 Issue 2

Published: 2008
Author(s) Name: S. Singh, S. Kumar, G. Kaur
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Tourism is one of the favourite pastimes of tourists from across the world and is rated as the most important tourist segments all over the world. It has diversified into various products and packages. Costal tourism is recognized as a highly valuable revenue earner. India’s coastal areas have a huge economic potential and they attract tourists from all over the world due to immense scenic beauty. Obviously, this fastest growing industry also has an impact on local development and related environment, e.g. the marine environment is put under immense pressure by this. Healthy and sustainable coastal tourism requires attractive, safe and functional recreational beaches, clean coastal waters and healthy coastal eco-systems.

The present paper aims on what need to be done to move towards more sustainable coastal tourism. The important actors recognized for this are training of frontline service workers for improving the performance of “emotional labour”, exploiting the food and beverage segment in context with Indian FMCG industry. Finally, a cybernetic model has been suggested for effective communication and control of the major activities related to Indian coastal tourism. The model suggest to divide the Indian coastal activities into various modules based on the geographical topography and considers the effectiveness of information flow and particularly, the nature of filters and relative time lags around these module loops. The recursive characteristic of the model makes it competent for any such related activities. It is believed that the present paper will be highly useful to understand the role of various underlying actors necessary to achieve sustainable coastal tourism in India.

Keywords: Development, costal tourism

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