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The Relationship between Employee Loyalty and Proactivity among Hospitality Liquid Knowledge Workers

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 17 Issue 1

Published: 2022
Author(s) Name: Abhishek Singh | Author(s) Affiliation: Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak, Haryana, India.
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Purpose: The aim of this paper is to study employee loyalty and employee proactivity of Indian hospitality liquid knowledge workers and to explore the relationship between employee loyalty and employee proactivity. Design/Methodology/Approach: For this study sample was taken from 135 hospitality students who have completed at least two six month industrial training in Indian five-star hotels. The respondents were supporting the hotel employees in all four major departments such as front office, housekeeping, food production and food and beverages service. Multiple linear regression and correlation were applied to analyse the data. Findings: Results show that the reasons for employee loyalty and employee proactivity both are positively associated. Reasons for employee loyalty’s five dimensions have positive correlation with three dimensions of employee proactivity. Employee loyalty’s five factors are able to explain 86.8% variance in employee proactivity. Interestingly, career and status fifth dimension of reasons for employee loyalty is not significant in explaining employee proactivity in liquid knowledge workers. Research Limitations/Implications: This study acknowledges certain limitations. First, this study has cross-sectional survey design, therefore cause and effect relationship cannot be established. Practical Implications: This study has significant implications not only for hotel industry executives but also hospitality education institutions. It provides suggestions to enhance loyalty and to reduce hospitality student placement in other industry. Hotel industry can make liquid workforce proactive by improving their commitment to manager and company, job conditions, and personal benefits. Originality/Value: This paper is an attempt to advance the existing work in the area of reasons for employee loyalty and employee proactivity in hospitality industry’s liquid knowledge workers (students).

Keywords: Hospitality Student, Employee Loyalty, Employee Proactivity, India Hospitality Industry

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