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Tourism and Hospitality Industry in India:An Appraisal

Journal of Hospitality Application and Research

Volume 2 Issue 1

Published: 2007
Author(s) Name: Dr. M. L. SINGLA
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Tourism and hospitality industry may help the developing countries like India more in resolving the problem of employment of its ever-growing population as it is considered as highly labour intensive service industry, where the employment-investment ratio is higher than any other industry. Travel and tourism directly creates employment opportunities in hotels, restaurants, airlines, travel agencies, passenger ships, and as a result of the spread effect creates jobs in industries like construction, telecommunication, manufacturing and the retail trader. The paper is an attempt to examine the problems and prospects of hospitality and tourism industry in India besides to review its different phases of development as well as significance of this industry in Indian context. The analysis shows that hotel industry is facing the problem of low profitability due to low food & beverage sales as well as low occupancy and higher taxes. Similarily, tourism industry is also not growing to its potential due to inadequate infrastructure, poor marketing strategies etc. followed for tourism promotion in India. Despite all this , there is a lot of potential for growth of hospitality and tourism industry in India and abroad due to worldwide industial development, increased earnings of individuals, economic growth of tourists producing nations, improved transport and communication means etc.

Keyword: employment, hospitality

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