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A Perceptual Study of Human Resource Information System in Indian Organisations

Journal of Organisation and Human Behaviour

Volume 2 Issue 4

Published: 2013
Author(s) Name: B. K. Punia, Naval Garg | Author(s) Affiliation: Dr. Punia is Dean at HSB, GJU, Hisar, India; Mr. Garg is admn. Officer at Oriental Insurance, India
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Human Resources is considered as most valuable asset for any organisation. In this age of information and technology, it has become imperative to manage data related to human resource. In this background, Human Resource Management System has come to limelight. The present paper provides perceptual understanding of Human Resource Information System in Indian organisations. Paper successfully highlights poor awareness and availability of HRIS in Indian scenario. Further, hypotheses and cross tabulation of data provides in-depth understanding of variations based on gender, sector and nature of organisations. And lastly, scopes for future researches have also been discussed.

Keywords: Human Resource Information System, Gender, Serving sector

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