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Critical Lapses and Insights into Safety Culture Behaviours

Journal of Organisation and Human Behaviour

Volume 11 Issue 2 & 3

Published: 2022
Author(s) Name: Harbans Lal | Author(s) Affiliation: Director - Forum of Behavioural Safety, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Better safety cultural measures could save a million lives annually. This article presents a review of the latest academic and field practitioners’ literature and examines the critical lapses and insights into safety culture behaviours. Behavioural insights can facilitate boosting a culture of positive safety. The need for a long-term supportive safety culture intervention along with regular re-training, reviews, and reinforcements by the top authorities, as well as heads of departments, is re-emphasised for increasing internal risk controls by employees for saving people from injuries or fatalities. Frequent corporate communications to employees regarding safety culture implementation matters a lot. Safety excellence and business excellence scenarios need to keep human safety ahead of commercial values for gaining organisational sustainability. Occupational health and safety investments are increasingly driven by ESG perspectives. Twelve lapses and insights into safety culture behaviours are summarised in this article, which can be beneficial for organisations. The qualitative data have enriched the concept more clearly, as emphasised by the industry experts.

Keywords: Lapses, Insights, Safety, Culture, Behaviours

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