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Gifted Adolescents Stress: An Assessment in Advance to Prevent Related Issues

Journal of Organisation and Human Behaviour

Volume 1 Issue 3

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Rinju George and Baby Shari Padiyath
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Giftedness is traditionally defined as having an Intelligent Quotient (IQ) higher than 130. Gifted adolescents are a group of adolescents who have intellectually above average than their age mates. Gifted experience stress of both their transitional stage as well as problem of being intellectual different from others. The present study is a test construction study which focuses on identifying various stressors gifted adolescents experience. The study was conducted on 400 gifted adolescents’ (males=190, females=210) age ranging from 12-18 years. Sample was selected from different school of Kerala State. Participants were selected by administering Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM) to assess their giftedness. Participants were also selected from groups of Promotion of Excellence among Gifted Children, a project of Ministry of Education, Kerala. Purposive sampling technique was used. Using item analysis technique 54 item Stress among Gifted Adolescents Scale (SAGA) was developed. Twelve sub-factors were identified. Pearson Moment Correlation for test-retest reliability was computed and reliability was found to be 0.80 which is statistically significant. Internal consistency was calculated using cronbach alpha test and it was found to be 0.92 which indicated that test is statistically significant. Content validity, face validity and predictive validity of the scale was also ensured. Inter-sub scale comparisons are also illustrated. Five groups and cut of points of Stress among Gifted Adolescents Scale are also discussed.

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