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Psychological Factors Determining High Intentions to Join Defence Services Among Adolescents

Journal of Organisation and Human Behaviour

Volume 1 Issue 2

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Somasundaram Subramanian, Kruthika J
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The comparison of the adolescents with high Intentions to join Defence Services to those with low Intentions to join can help the authorities to identify the key determinant factors in choosing Defence as career. A thorough investigation of exploring such key determinant factors will facilitate to plan for suitable strategies for providing proper solutions to enhance youth’s strong Intention to join Defence Services. A sample of 300 Pre-University students studying in the vicinity of Bangalore city was approached to provide data on their career Intentions using a Career Choice Schedule. Data on Mental Toughness, Life Values, and Adjustment and Personality traits were collected from these two groups (High Intention and Low Intention) of respondents. The statistical analysis of “t” tests revealed that the High Intention group tends to have low adjustment in dimensions of family, social and educational fields comparing to Low Intention group adolescents. Similarly, the High Intentions group and Low Intention group differ significantly on Mental Toughness factors such as focus and goal commitment. Regarding life values dimensions the High Intention group is likely to show more importance to values such as belonging, concern for environment, responsibility, humility, independence and less importance on privacy than Low Intention group. The Personality traits also differ significantly between the two groups of adolescents. The High Intention group is more agreeable and conscientious comparing to their counterparts and low on extroversion comparing to Low Intention group. The implications of the study in terms of policy making and orientation programme to enhance competency to join Defence Forces are suggested.

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