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A Research Study of Factors Influencing Talent Retention in BPO Industry

Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management

Volume 1 Issue 2

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Ritu Arora
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The most challenging job in today’s competitive world, for any organisation is to identify, recruit and retain a high quality workforce. It is an established fact that talent retention is a strategic tool to ensure competitive and corporate performance. In the war for talent, talented employee retention is getting harder day after day and continues to be the top priority for CEOs’. Low retention is seen in almost all fields but it is certainly alarming in the BPOs. In an extremely competitive market, it has become imperative for BPO organisations to look into the causes of low retention and come up with a strategy for retaining one’s employees. This study attempts to find out the reasons of low employee retention in BPO (ITeS) industry and found that in order to prolong the employees’ stay in the organisations, BPO companies must maintain a conducive organisation culture and should adopt a competitive rewards and recognition policies along with best of the facilities which can further help employees to maintain work life balance. The BPO (ITeS) employees appended greater value to organisation’s atmosphere, supportive top management in comparison to salary and other monetary benefits.

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