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An Analysis of the Leadership Skills in Student of Hospitality (with Special Reference to Udaipur)

KIMI Hospitality Research Journal

Volume 2 Issue 1

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Yashwant Singh Rawal, Madhu Murdia | Author(s) Affiliation: Associate Professor, Pacific institute of hotel management, Pacific University, Rajasthan, India.
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Leaders being born or made are like the two sides of the coin which may be opposite to each other but co exists parallel. Born Leaders may not get the right platform to express themselves whereas there can be Leaders made through right education and opportunity. Students, in an educational setup are now a days prepared to become effective Leaders but it is only some of them who define themselves as Great Managers. A student pursues education to attain high professional growth and prosperity but of the same level of education and quality provided to the students, only some are found to be achieving greater career heights. Of all the other attributes that separates these students to gain success, one factor has to be an intellectual and an internal quality of possessing a leader within. It becomes of crucial importance to identify such qualities among the students. This research paper hence makes an attempt to identify and differentiate the students who may possess such qualities. This paper limits its research to the students of hospitality sector, as Hospitality is one of the growing industries and it has a different demand of a dynamic and vibrant leader in comparison to other sectors. The scope of the paper extends to the students of Hospitality of Udaipur city only.

Keywords: Leadership, Hospitality, Students, Quality, Education

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