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Relationship between Organisational Commitment, Work Conflict and Innovative Behaviour: Empirical Evidence from Banking Industry

OPUS: HR Journal

Volume 13 Issue 1

Published: 2022
Author(s) Name: Jnaneswar K., Rahul A., Alisha Oscar | Author(s) Affiliation: CET School of Management, College of Engineering, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
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Globalization and the growing demands and expectations of customers have led to companies being more and more dependent on the human resources it possesses. An employees’ commitment towards the organisation leads to several favourable outcomes for both individuals and organisation. A highly committed employee will provide innovative ideas enabling the company to be more competitive in the market. Companies need to pay attention to their innovative capabilities and turn them into their innovative products and services. This progress can however be disrupted as a result of conflict that may arise between employees’ in the organisation. The goal of this research is to learn more about the association between organisational commitment, innovative behaviour, and workplace conflict in the Indian banking industry. The study also explores the impact of various demographic variables on organisational commitment, work conflict and innovative behaviour. Data were collected from 199 personnel working in the Indian banking sector. The findings revealed that organisational commitment is positively associated with innovative behaviour but not with work conflict. The study also revealed a negative relationship between innovative behaviour and work conflict. Demographic analysis of the concepts revealed no significant differences in organisational commitment, innovative behaviour and work conflict among employees belonging to different ages and varying levels of experience. The findings of the present study add new knowledge that can be used to improve organisational commitment and innovative behaviour while reducing work conflict.

Keywords: Organisational Commitment, Innovative Behaviour, Work Conflict, Banking Industry

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