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Caste Based Reservation in India: An Analysis

Social Work Chronicle

Volume 1 Issue 1

Published: 2012
Author(s) Name: Komol Singha
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Reservation policy, especially the caste-based reservation system has emanated many controversies, discussions, and riots type agitations in India, some are in favour of and others are against the policy. Protagonists believe that the system can protect and uplift the weaker sections in the society. On the other side, the antagonists argued that caste-based reservation cannot improve the condition of the vast masses of the poor. The system contradicts the principle of secularism rather than uplifting the weaker communities in the country. To justify the debate, the present paper is the modest attempt to analyse pros and cons of caste-based reservation in India. The paper further tries to examine whether the existing system of reservation policy protects the weaker sections of the society or not. Key Words: Caste-based reservation; Economic status-based reservation; Politics; Weaker communities.

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