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Gender Inequality in India: Measures & Growing Concerns

Social Work Chronicle

Volume 6 Issue 1

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Shaizy Ahmed | Author(s) Affiliation: Asst. Prof., Dept. of Social Work, Central University of Rajasthan, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India.
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An individual is a human first, neither man nor woman. God has gifted the humanity different sex to construct the society and to help everyone perform their roles effectively. It is the human being who differentiated sex in terms of social, biological, and physical constructs and developed a new terminology gender to assign different positions and roles to each sex. This differentiation in terms of role allocation, access, availability, and control over resources gave birth to inequalities primarily affecting women. The present paper attempts to locate these inequalities and gender gaps in terms of development variables and suggest few measures to address gender inequalities. The significant literature reflects that gender equations are mostly safeguarding men. Women secured vulnerable positions everywhere including education, healthcare, political representation, workforce participation, and decision-making. These findings are alarming because sixty-nine years of our democracy could not bring any significant change in the lives of many women. This calls for conscious and collaborative efforts from each one of us.

Keywords: Gender, Gender Inequality and Development Variables

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