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Violation of Land Rights of Structural Society Through Different Ways for Changing the Structure of Society

Social Work Chronicle

Volume 8 Issue 1

Published: 2019
Author(s) Name: Ishfaq Ahmad Bhat | Author(s) Affiliation: Researcher of Sociology , Jammu and Kashmir, India.
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Research of agricultural rights movement under different departments of the political as well as the centre and the state of bureaucrats and it requires the special attention of planners and program implementers. If the programme implementers do not stop those illegal actions or programmes like the land being given to the paramilitary forces, the agricultural land or any other land can easily get converted into the industrial areas. The society of Kashmir has totally collapsed into the misfortune for future generations due to the population as well as the biggest factor for hurdles the development of Kashmir that is the land taken the paramilitary forces or the Government uses the unauthorized land for itself. The violation is hierarchal in Kashmir in every sense whether it is regard to rights pertaining to everything that is present in the society of Kashmir but everyone become victim of the injustice especially our land. The land of Kashmir is not safe due to the various internal and external compulsions through this simply the is victim will become a person for this tragedy that is exhaustible for Kashmir but are illegal occupied by different ways of different society through own uses in a rational way. The agricultural rights are beneficial in every manner for any society like human development, social development and economic development. However, unfortunately, in Kashmir the Human rights violation as well as agricultural rights movement is peak in Kashmir due to politics of Government, paramilitary forces the central government is more responsible in Kashmir for the violation of any type land and civil society as well also. The central Government deployed more and more paramilitary forces for the purpose of respect and dignity violation of the basic rights of the people of Kashmir society and they want agriculture eradication in Kashmir to make them dependent or handicapped for the society of India. The state Govt. is also equally responsible as the central Govt. Because the paramilitary forces are playing the land Grab policy in everywhere in Kashmir and also they are changing the face of tourism and agriculture in everywhere and every year in Kashmir. They never want to see the development in Kashmir. Tourism and agriculture is the backbone of the Kashmir. If there cannot be seen agitation, land grabbing and violation of human rights. Then these three sectors will eradicate the poverty in Kashmir and lot of population can be saved from this. Indian wanted that Kashmir will become dependent on Indians but not independent. At last, it is impossible in Kashmir that there will be no remain peace in Kashmir until and unless The civil society (Kashmir) achieves the rights that are here illegally occupied by the Indians according to the view of the people of Kashmir’s and absolutely it is closely linked to the human rights. Conflict or movement is increased day by day and year by year because a human being is stripped off his basic human rights, the extra ordinary slowly starts becoming the norm. According to the Kashmir the agricultural or any type of land movement they are lasting their precious lives forever but they never get back against the human rights. Especially the organizations like the separatists and civil society have demanded the freedom of Kashmir from India. Then there will be remain a peace in Kashmir when Kashmir gets separated from India. Then there will be seen human rights as selfdetermination and want the own land for own purpose and no one wants in Kashmir to see any stranger to sit in the Kashmir land by force or any other type of power.

Keywords: Background, Research, Agriculture, Objectives, Prohibition, Empowerment, Problems, Land and Land Revenue, Economy

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