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Data Monetization Strategies for New Age Digital Communication Providers in India

Telecom Business Review

Volume 12 Issue 1

Published: 2019
Author(s) Name: Sohag Sarkar, Pooja Sarkar | Author(s) Affiliation: Research Scholar, Pacific Academy of Higher Edu.& Research Univ. (PAHER)
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India has quickly evolved into a converged digital communications market. It is the second largest telecom market with close to 1.2 billion subscribers and third largest Internet market which is nearing 500 million users. The Digital disruption has changed the market dynamics and the way the Telco’s operate today. This quicksilver Digital transformation has made way for this new makeover. The interesting ‘phase-shift’ phenomenon has been the switching of the most valuable contributor towards the overall ARPU (Average revenue per user). Data revenue has toppled voice to come on the top with a practical swap in the percentage contribution figures (44% vs 21%). The telecom regulator (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) re-christened itself as Digital Communications Regulatory Authority of India (DCRAI); while the Telecom Commission became Digital Communications Commission (DCC). The National Telecom Policy (NTP 2012) is gives way to National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP). This regulatory change has formalized the hitherto Telecom sector to become a Digital Communication sector and the Network Operators as Digital Telco or Digital Communications Providers. To be relevant in the Digital era the Telco’s have to innovate and evolve their business models: The induction of telecom sector within the overarching Digital ecosystem or economy (including the much needed regulatory policies); thus opens new avenues for growth and innovation driven business models. The research paper analyzes the myriad data monetization strategies that the Telco’s have and prioritizes their strategies and digital product/service initiatives to maximize data revenue monetization.

Keywords: Digital Telco, OTT, Data Monetization, Evolution of Telecom in India, Data Monetization Strategies, Digital Business, Mobile Network Operator

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