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Decoding DA-Vinci Code: TMMI Assessment Model Revisited

Telecom Business Review

Volume 9 Issue 1

Published: 2016
Author(s) Name: Shankar Ramamoorthy | Author(s) Affiliation: Quality Buss Partner,Amdocs DVCI Pvt Ltd,Cyber City Tower 2,Magarpatta City Pune,Maharashtra,India
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The majority of IT organizations face considerable challenges in tailoring their test process frameworks, since not every process applies to all types of testing projects in any one test organization. Regardless of whether an organizations testing process is CMM1 compliant, CMMI2 compliant, ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System compliant, or just internally compliant, a single process framework of an organization cannot be applicable for all types of project. After all, some projects are straightforward and have relatively short gestation periods, while others are huge transformation projects that include a high level of uncertainty and painstaking complexity. Within this landscape where project composition, type, and nature are varied and diverse there is a need to define the context of each project. As test process leaders, Test Managers need to drive the definition of project context and implement processes that can be signed off as early as project kick-off and implemented diligently.

Keywords: Complexity, Uncertainty, TAM (Test Assessment Model) Testing, Multi Criteria Decision Making, Sheep Dogs, Cows, Bulls, Colt, TMMI

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