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Digital Disruption is Redefining the Customer Experience: The Digital Transformation Approach of the Communications Service Providers

Telecom Business Review

Volume 10 Issue 1

Published: 2017
Author(s) Name: Sanjay Shrivastava | Author(s) Affiliation: Senior Consultant - CEM CVM Analytics & IOT, Digital Strategy & Transformation, Ericsson, India.
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Digital disruptions are transforming Customers Digital World. It includes co-occurrence and coexistence of intensely evolving digital technologies, the burst of distinct digital devices, different digital channels across the customer touch points and constantly evolving Customer Bahaviour. The communications industry is no exception and is impacted as well. Digital disruptions have triggered enormous changes in technology advances, intensified service experience by digital native companies and constantly changing customers expectations, pushing Communications Service Providers (CSP) to embrace the constant change and offer personalized seamless Customer Experience. Digital Disruptions bring an opportunity for a CSPs to transform their complete ecosystem and be relevant to the digital aspiring experience hungry customers and retain their market position. CSPs must need to transform themselves into a digital company with digital competencies to manage the changing experience across the multiple touch points and embrace continually evolving customers expectations through innovative digital products and services. CSPs traditional business models continue to decline and has a zero-effect. They constantly need to innovate a multi-model approach to retain or attract the todays self-organize customers and improve declining revenue. The enhanced customer experience creates a perceived customer experience value for their customer, and it leads to customer loyalty which creates a sustained business value or revenue streams for CSPs. Customer-centric digital transformation enables CSP to adapt and an embrace digital technologies, know the customer insides, align the internal business operation processes and governance to offer a digital experience across all the digital touch points with a greater speed. It is termed here as Digital Customer Experience Transformation (DCExT). CSPs need to carve out transformational journey in-line with their business priorities while keeping sustainable digital maturity level and future digital evolution roadmap as recommended in this paper. For CSP, DCExT continuous journey to embrace the digital disruptions for their own sustainable and profitable growth and be significantly be relevant to their digitally enabled customers.

Keywords: Digital Disruption, Digital Customer Experience, Business Transformation, Digital Economy, Digital Maturity, Digital Transformation, Digital Proficiency, Communication Service Providers

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