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Implementing the New Age Telecom Business Model- An Operational Perspective

Telecom Business Review

Volume 7 Issue 1

Published: 2014
Author(s) Name: Niladri Shekhar Dutta | Author(s) Affiliation: Customer Principal –OSS/BSS Consulting practice, Middle East Africa (RMEA), Ericsson AB, Dubai, UAE.
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With the changing Telecom economies and modalities of doing business the technology industry is vast changing. Telecom is not an exception of the same phenomenon. There are newer ways which the Telecom operational excellence stakeholders are thinking to minimize costs and thereby maximize investments. One such concept is adopting a comprehensive operational blueprint called the TOM or the Target Operating Model. The concept of the Target Operating Model is going to identify the best possible approach which a Telco needs on any on-going Transformation program and thereby present a pragmatic view, on their e2e IT Operations, to meet the Business Objectives. This also helps to paint the BIG picture in front of Telco management team as well as all associated stakeholders, by linking logically the intended deliverables of any major project engagement of a Telecom OSS/BSS transformation program. The Target Operating Model -TOM is aimed to present a holistic view to the Telco-management as a best possible Operational Blueprint which they adopt to realize their business vision. It aims to map this Blueprint as a pragmatic approach to the operational vision of the COO. It helps the Telco to better understand what should be done in an ideal state and how to operationally realize the entities of People, Process and Technology to yield tangible and intangible benefits through operational value creation.

Keywords: Operating Model, Blueprint, Landscape, End to End Operations, Operational Dimensions

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