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The Art of Business Transformation

Telecom Business Review

Volume 6 Issue 1

Published: 2013
Author(s) Name: Sohag Sarkar | Author(s) Affiliation: Management Consultant in Strategy & Operations Area.
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The paper analyzes the end-to-end process of Telecom Business Transformation (which can be applied to other Industries as well). Today majority of the Telcos around the globe are engaged in a business transformation in some form or the other. A business transformation is required to keep pace with the internal and/or the external factors within the Telco. An internal factor maybe defined as an initiative which is driven from within the organization, example “Sustenance like keeping pace with the subscriber growth”. While on the other hand, an external factor may also drive an organization to initiate a business transformation like the readiness for Mobile Number Portability. Business Transformations are critical to the success of an organization in near as well as long term. The same is required to provide the necessary fillip to an organization and the competitive advantage in the market place. Therefore, getting a business transformation “first time right” is crucial and the paper analyzes all aspects that essentially contribute to the success of a transformation program: Definition of Business Case, Resource deployment, Planning & Budgeting, Partner & Product Selection, Stakeholder Management, Performance Management, Change Management and overall Program Management. The paper aims at assimilating the knowledge garnered during the implementation of large scale telecom business transformations within and outside the country. And present the key challenges faced by various Telcos in an anecdote manner and introspects the proactive resolution that would have helped in the transformation journey.

Keywords: Telecom Business Transformation,

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