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Indian Journal of Sustainable Development

Peer Review and Publication Policy
All received manuscipts are initially scrutinized for suitability within the journal. If found suitable, article is further sent to a reviewer for double blind review process. Identity of author/s is not disclosed to the reviewer and vice-versa. On receipt of feedback from reviewer, editor analysis the feedback and further decides to accept, reject or revise the paper. Normally double blind peer review process takes around 3-4 months to provide feedback to authors. If paper is accepted, we will send pre-print version to authors for corrections(if any). The Journal reserves the right to make necessary editorial amendments in the final manuscript to suit journal’s format. Single complimentary copy will be provided and posted to Indian Authors. Please be noted, that Publishing India Group do not charge authors for submission/acceptance/any other purpose. Papers are accepted, purely on the basis of merit. Journal reserves the right to make necessary editorial amendments in the final manuscript to suit Journal’s format.

Editorial Policy

  1. Indian Journal of Sustainable Development maintains zero tolerance for plagiarism.
  2. Authors have to make appropriate citation for the copy righted materials and the materials without proper references shall be summarily rejected.
  3. In case of copyright violations, contributors alone shall be accountable and responsible.
  4. The papers submitted to the journal undergo a rigorous double-blind peer review to ensure the quality of the work.
  5. The peer review process ideally takes 6-8 weeks.
  6. The papers submitted to the journal has not been published earlier elsewhere or should not be under consideration of any journal/book/magazine.
  7. Decision of the Editorial Board regarding selection/rejection/revision of the papers will be final and binding.
  8. By acceptance of the paper author/s needs to submit a copy right form stating the originality of the work and transfer of copy right to the publisher.
  9. Authors are entitled to single complimentary copy per published article from the publisher. For foreign authors, postage is chargeable


Manuscript submission Note for Authors

  1. The author needs to attach a covering page indicating the name of the paper, author/s, affiliation, contact address, email id and contact number.
  2. Authors must provide a structured abstract around 250-300 words along with 3-5 key words.
  3. The article/research papers must be systematically and logically structured with the essential contents.
  4. The original works containing 3000 to 5000 words should be typed in Times New Roman with a font size of 12 and spacing of 1.5.
  5. All the contributions must be submitted electronically through email/online system.
  6.  Authors are expected to follow APA (6th Edition) format by giving the end note in the last of the text.

Book Review Policy: Authors of the book/publishers have to send a copy of the book for review to the Chief Editor of the journal. The editorial committee will assign the portfolio to a scholar and publish the same.

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