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Journal of IMS Group

Journal of IMS Group invites original, research based papers and cases in the area of management. This journal publishes papers of interest

to academicians and to practitioners of business. The papers range widely over different areas of Management. It is a condition for

publication that the material sent is original work which has not been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere.



The guidelines for contributors are listed below:


1. Manuscripts: Manuscriptshould normally be of up to 6,000 words (10-20 A-4 size pages, typed double space and 12-point font).

Microsoft Word for windows and WordPerfect are the preferred software for submission. Only electronic submission of manuscripts will be

accepted with the cover page bearing only the title of the paper and authors?names, designations, official addresses and phone/fax

numbers/e-mail id. The author?s name should not appear anywhere on the body of the manuscript to facilitate the review process.


2. Abstract: The manuscript should be accompanied by an abstract (in about 150 words) and a brief biographical sketch of the author(s) on

separate sheets. The authors may indicate their specialization also. The authors should send Copyright Form (can be downloaded from our

website: ) with the manuscript.


3. Tables and Figures: All tables, charts and graphs should be prepared on separate sheets. They should be numbered continuously in

Arabic numerals as referred to in the text. Wherever necessary, such exhibits should be kept to the minimum. All charts and g raphs should

be drawn cleanly and legibly. Tables and figures should contain self-explanatory title. Footnotes, italics and quote marks should be kept to

the minimum. Their location in the text should be indicated as follows:


Take in Table -1.

4. References: References should be given as follows:

Ø Dr. M. Anbalagan, V. Gunasekaran, Retail Consumers Market In India- The Next Big Leap, Indian Journal Of Marketing, Vol. XXXVII, No. 3,

M arch, 2007

Ø Cygnus Business consulting and research (2006), Industry insight: Indian retail industry, Cygnus Business Consulting and Research, Hyderabad,

pp 11.

Ø Dialforhealth India Ltd. (2007) (online) (cited on 27th July 27, 2007), available from <URL >


All references should be arranged alphabetically at the end of the text.


5. Follow British spellings throughout (programme, not program). Universal “s” in “ise” “isation” words.


6. No stops after abbreviations (UK, MBA). Use stops after initials only (V.P.Singh).


7. Use single quotes throughout. However in case of use of double quotes for example, “In the words of Szell, the „the economic question?is

today ……” the quotation can be encased within single quote in the double quotes. Quotations in excess of 45 words should be separated

from the text with a line space above and below and indented on the left. Quotes should be cited accurately from the original source, should

not be edited, and should give the page numbers of the original publication.


8. Italicization and use of diacriticals is left to the contributors, but must be consistent. When not using diacriticals, English spelling should

be followed.


9. Capitalization should be kept to the minimum and should be consistent.


10. Each contributing author will receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which his/her paper appears.


11. Book reviews must provide the following details, and in this order: Name of author/title of book reviewed/place of

publication/publisher/year of publication/number of pages, in Roman and Arabic figures to include preliminary pages/and price, with

binding specifications such as paperback or hardback. For example: Brian K. Julyan, Sales and Service for the Wine Professional. London and

New York: Cassell, 1999. ix+214pp. £16.99 paper.


12. Manuscripts, which do not conform to these guidelines, will not be considered for publication. The Editor-in- Chief reserves the rights

to modify and otherwise improve the manuscripts to meet the Journal?s standards of contents, presentation and style. Authors may also be

requested to revise their manuscripts, if necessary, before the papers are accepted for publication.


13. The Screening Committee reserves the sole discretion to accept or refuse an article for publication. Manuscripts not considered for

publication will not be sent back.


14. Manuscripts and all editorial correspondence should be addressed to:

The Editor-in- Chief, Journal of IMS Group,

Institute of Management Studies,

C-238, Bulandshahr Road, Lal Quan,

Ghaziabad - 201009 (U.P.) India

Phone No.: 91-120-2866035, 38, 39



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