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International Journal of Tourism and Travel

International Journal Tourism and Travel (IJT&T), the bi-annual journal of Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITTM), foresees to create value for enterprises and organisations in tourism, travel and related sectors and those committed to support them- policy makers, intervention agencies, researchers and academics, by establishing a platform for learning through sharing from experience, dialogue, creativity and imagination.

IJT&T target audiences are entrepreneurs, business executives, policy makers, intervention agencies, researchers and academics among others. Given the diverse nature of our audiences and their requirements journal will prefer to receive contributions those are generalisable across a variety of tourism, travel and related businesses, sectors, nations and economies. IJT&T shall also serve as an opportunity for those with experience and imagination to test their ideas by sharing it with a larger peer group that demonstrate commitment to the cause of tourism and travel. IJT&T shall have special interest in South, South-east Asian and Pacific tourism and travel and its variants.

Journal invites interesting papers related to different aspects of tourism and travel theory and practice. Looking to the needs of its target audiences IJT&T seek papers with significant value addition. They need not only be technical papers but should add to the existing body of knowledge or present a different perspective. Readability and sustaining the reader’s interest is an important criterion. Most of our readers are practitioners and value is ‘added learning’. Research based articles are strongly encouraged but focus should be on analysis and recommendations cutting down on technical aspects. Policy papers, best practices and case studies, creative concepts and applications, book reviews, commentaries, interviews and other thought provoking manuscripts are strongly encouraged. Particularly welcome are future oriented manuscripts that offer small businesses and start-ups a vision of business in twenty first century and practical road maps for getting there. Also encouraged are manuscripts that address interdisciplinary topics or approach “traditional” topics from interdisciplinary perspective. Learning by sharing is the foundation of this journal. We encourage success stories of policy implementation at a macro level as also best practices and creative solutions at firm level.

Brief on Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management

Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITTM), an autonomous organization of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, is one of the premier institutes in the country offering education, training, research and consultancy in sustainable management of tourism, travel and other allied sectors. The stakeholders’ realization that the country is in need of such professionals who can provide an excellent standard of products and services, resulted in the creation of IITTM in 1983 at New Delhi. It is devoted to the pursuit of higher knowledge in tourism and its dissemination to a diverse audience. Over the years, Institute has established a distinguished identity of its own and reached at a commanding position among sectoral B-Schools in the country. With its focus in meeting the changing needs of the tourism industry, it has played a pioneering role in the propagation and professionalisation of tourism education. The management of the Institute is entrusted in the hands of the Board of Governors having the Union Minister for Tourism as its Chairperson. The efforts of the Institute have been instrumental in evolving the fundamental framework for tourism education and training in the country as it exists today. The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India has also entrusted the institute to conduct regional level guide training programmes for all the regions of the country.

Having set the benchmark in Tourism sector, we have begun the journey to define excellence in field of International Business and the ever expanding Service sector. IITTM, with its vast resource pool and enormous experience will set trends and create new paths which will set the pattern to be followed in future.

IITTM is committed to developing quality human resources for tourism and allied services. The target groups of its educational/ training programmes extend much beyond the organized sectors of the economy. IITTM endeavours to nurture professional and managerial excellence, social and cultural sensitivity, moral and ethical responsibility with concern for the environment and strive for latest techniques to develop decision making abilities with a resolute approach towards productivity, excellence, innovation and value for others to enable its participants to keep pace with the changing scenario of the economy and its environs.

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