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International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence

Since year 2013, The International Journal of Business Analytics & Intelligence (IJBAI) is one of the emerged international journal for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the fields of statistical modeling applications, applied analytics, computing techniques, information technology and sciences. Journal aims to establish itself as a platform for exchanging ideas in new emerging trends that needs more focus and exposure and is always committed to publish articles that will strengthen the knowledge of upcoming analysts, data scientists and researchers.


When Thomas H. Davenport and D.J. Patil proclaimed “Data Scientist” as the sexiest job of the 21st Century in October 2012 issue of Harvard Business Review, the academic fraternity was shaken and felt the need to contribute to the practitioners and educators through latest research in business analytics and intelligence. Subsequently, International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence (IJBAI) is formed to promote the dissemination of quality research in data science, business analytics and business intelligence.


Journal incorporate both the practitioners’ and the academicians’ perspective on business analytics. Thus it serves the dual purpose of fundamental and applied research. Data scientists can exhibit their coding skills whereas the practitioners can highlight the benefits they accrue in exploiting analytics and make use of intelligence information. Analytics play a crucial role in budgeting, marketing, forecasting, financial management and strategy of the business. Therefore there exists a requirement of a repository of contemporary research and the dissemination of knowledge of analytics.


Papers published in IJBAI is purely on the basis of Merit. There is no fees charged to authors.


Call for Paper

Writing paper is an expertise and IJBAI have the team of scientists, industry practitioner and academicians. In depth evaluation of each research paper is a prime focus of every member of IJBAI Reviewer Panel that ensures the uniqueness in each research manuscript being published.

International Journal of Business Analytics & Intelligence (IJBAI) calls Scholars, Engineers, Academicians, Scientists, Industrial practitioner and Researchers from all over the world to submit their unpublished original work and papers for inclusion in our next publication issue. All submission will be reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical research, and relevance to journal contributions. IJBAI highly welcomes theoretical, technical, research, as well as empirical papers from all areas of research in the area of Analytics, technology innovation and emerging trends. All the accepted papers will be published in the upcoming issue of the journal.

From time to time, the Journal will bring out special issues on a specific sub-field of data science. Authors are encouraged to contact the Editors if they would like to submit a review article or bring out a special issue of the Journal.

The Editors reserve the right to reject papers without sending them out for review

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