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ANWESH: International Journal of Management & Information Technology

Volume 1 Issue 1

Published: 2016
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Data Mining from the Big Data

Satyajee Srivastava   15-18

Supply Chain Management in Context of Growing Indian Market

Davinder Saini, C. S. Jawalkar   28-34

Case Study: Rejected but not Wasted

V. K. Jain, Rajesh Upadhyay, Priyanka Meena, K. R. Ansari   35-37

Case Study: Holistic Health Management

Rashmi Gupta, Karuna Jain, Khagapati Meher, Smita Meena   38-39

Book Review: Introduction to the Constitution of India

Brijendra Singh Yadav, V. K. Jain   40-42

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