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Journal of Organisation and Human Behaviour

Volume 4 Issue 2 & 3

Published: 2015
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Does Perceived Insincerity Influence Managerial Ratings of Performance and Promotability?

Matthew Valle, K. Michele Kacmar, Martha C. Andrews   1-10

Psychological Capital and Work Attitudes: A Conceptual Analysis

Bharat Chandra Sahoo, Surendra Kumar Sia, Niranjan Sahu, Aneesh V. Appu   11-21

An Empirical Study on Innovation and Role of Demographic Variables

Anindita Bhatacharya, K. L. Chawla, N. Ravichandran   33-38

Role of Positive Emotions in Organisational Coping

Vibhuti Gupta, Devalina   52-61

Stress among Forest Personnel: A Meta-Synthesis

Nistha Tripathi, Bal Krishna Upadhyay   62-70

An Empirical Assessment of Demographic Divergence in Managing Customer Value

Amit Sharma, Ashok Aima, Bodh R. Sharma   71-79

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