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Achieving sense of freedom by brands

PRIMA: Practices and Research in Marketing

Volume 1 Issue 2

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Ankita Derasaria, Gaurav Kumar
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The study involves the learning from the spiritual gurus mentioning about the factors which create drive in them to dedicate their life in the direction of achieving a natural state of mind. They find immense energy and happiness in being associated with their spiritual beliefs. This is the spirit of believing in the energy of the intangible which is generated from human mind which brings the highest level of engagement for them due to creation of certain factors. This term spirit alone covers the whole psychic or extrasensory aspects of the nature and attitude of any person which drives them to act in a particular manner. The study is to understand these factors which become relative to the concept and to understand whether brands can proffer such experience in them. The methodology of in-depth interview with the people practicing as saint from years in the foothills of himachal from varied religion is been studied to understand that reasons which drives them to follow their endless practice and continuous thoughts attached to it and from a diverse group of people (Hirschman, 2000). The unconscious mind guides the fulfillment of their endeavors through the presentation and process of the incarnation in a method (Jung, 1964). The reason cited and observed reveal a sense of deep attachment of the spiritual gurus in their way of life. These talk about a natural invisible energy of the human mind. Can brands also give people experience which builds a sense of happiness and oneness (Math, 1980)

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