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Integrated Outdoor Advertising Solution

PRIMA: Practices and Research in Marketing

Volume 1 Issue 2

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Mr. Kiran Sundaram, Mr. Sudeep Chatterjee
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Every year there are crores of rupees that are earmarked for advertising. A sizeable amount, of which is dedicated to outdoor advertising. The range of this field starts from simple pamphlets handed out free of cost to the multi lakh hoardings around a city. A big chunk of the money poured into out-doors advertising lands up with the hoarding owners. Every company sets their own budget, which is congruent with their business analytics and objectives. How does one get access to the various hoarding around the city without involving intermediaries? How does one differentiate between a legal and an illegal hoarding? Hoardings are every where, how does a brand manager or the marketing head of a company decide which hoarding is going to add maximum value to its marketing campaign? Can all this be accessed directly on the workstation? This paper aims to highlight these typical issues in the outdoor advertising industry and thereby provide a tangible solution through the use of technology. Addressing these shortfalls especially in the outdoor advertising domain is main aim of this paper. This area of business is untouched and we hope to create a new need based solution catering to the advertising requirements of any company indulging in out-door hoarding advertising - making it simpler.

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