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Relevance Of Inter-sectoral Breakthrough Marketing Strategies In The Indian Paint Industry

PRIMA: Practices and Research in Marketing

Volume 1 Issue 2

Published: 2011
Author(s) Name: Prof. V.B. Khanapuri, Nikhil Sen Nair, Richa Kulkarni, Rucha Sankhe
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This paper explores applicability of breakthrough marketing strategies adopted/ practiced across various sectors to the Indian paint industry in order to cater to the changing needs of the consumer and thereby increase the per capita consumption. The methodology adopted is two-fold; primary research through surveys/interviews of varied strata of consumers, manufacturers and retailers, and secondary research through review of literature on various breakthrough marketing strategies across industry verticals. Associations (empanelment) with architects and painters, through commissions on orders booked, will result in an increased word-of-mouth publicity, through multilevel marketing. A Hyper-Mart initiative will provide not only all kinds of paints but also painting solutions and paint-education, increasing the visibility of the brand. Experimentations with direct selling to large customers like housing societies and entering in symbiotic relationships with construction majors, ensuring repeat sales, whereas the construction company gains from intangible benefits. Vending machines could be employed to dispense strips of paint on a suitable base, aiding potential experiential buying. The concept of a strip to heal a disfiguration can be used to tap the bottom of the pyramid, de-necessitating need to re-paint the entire wall, thereby increasing affordability. The focus is on strategies that would educate the customer, thus facilitating a wholesome buying experience. The paper studies several such strategies. With increased emphasis on differentiation and customer orientation, drawing the consumers attention to existing best-in-class products presented in a brand new, suitably customized and convenient platter, so as to provide for an experiential buying, is the order of the day.

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