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International Journal of Marketing and Business Communication

(The) International Journal of Marketing & Business Communication" (IJMBC) tends to develop, promote, coordinate and disseminate the original developments and practices within the field area of marketing, business communication & related subject areas. Journal aims to help professionals working in the field, academicians and policy-makers to contribute, to disseminate research, and to learn from each other's work. Journal covers all niche segments relating to the Marketing.

Key Areas / Scope of Journal

Although the possible set of topics for the journal is large and we encourage submission on any area within the scope of Marketing and Business Communication, the following sub-areas are particularly suitable (but not exhaustive):

  1. Marketing & Planning
  2. Marketing needs & finance
  3. Accounting & marketing
  4. Entrepreneurship marketing
  5. Organisation behaviour and marketing
  6. Policy, Pricing and marketing
  7. Corporate communications
  8. Communication strategies
  9. Marketing philosophy in corporate management
  10. Benchmarking marketing
  11. Marketing Strategy
  12. Workforce communications
  13. Corporate social responsibility
  14. Marketing information systems
  15. International strategies
  16. Strategic and marketing plans
  17. Planning & communication process
  18. Development of business communication process
  19. Relationship Marketing
  20. Marketing and Corporate innovation restructuring
  21. Government policy and marketing
  22. Venture capital and marketing
  23. EIS and marketing
  24. Business ethics and marketing
  25. Consumer behaviour and marketing
  26. Public relations & affairs
  27. Investor relations
  28. Environmental and community relations
  29. Internet communication
  30. Business communications through marketing mix elements
  31. Customer relations
  32. Corporate brand management
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