Saturday, 21 Jan, 2017




KIMI Hospitality Research Journal

Welcome Message

It gives us great pleasure to introduce KIMI Hospitality Research Journal under the aegis of Kohinoor International Management Institute, Khandala. The aim of the research journal is to create a forum for Hospitality professionals, Academicians and Students for exchange of ideas and research in the field of Hospitality and Tourism development.

Following its mission and vision, Kohinoor International Management Institute, Khandala celebrates the launch of its Research Journal. Keeping pace with the never ending changes that are taking place in the Hospitality Industry, journal is a search to identify these changes and placing it for the purview of its readers.

KIMI Hospitality Research Journal - A Search provides an ideal platform for exchange of information related to the Hospitality Industry in various formats: full length and letter length research papers, survey papers, work-in-progress reports on promising developments, case studies / best practice articles written by industry experts, and tutorials on up-and-coming technological breakthroughs.

We welcome contribution of various Hospitality Papers from academicians and students to make the Journal rich in its content and also ensure its continued success. We also welcome comments and suggestions that could improve the quality of the journal.
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