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Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Volume 55 Issue 4

Published: 2020
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Women-as-Employees and the Reproduction of Regimes of Exclusion

Leena Sachdeva, Mridul Maheshwari and Jerome Joseph   559-571

Diversity and Inclusion Practices: Insights from Organizations in India

Neharika Vohra, Supriya Sharma and Nisha Nair   572-589

Influence of Organizational Climate on Prosocial Organizational Behavior

Luthufi M, Jatin Pandey, Sasmita Palo and Biju Varkkey   604-616

Organizational Politics

Shalini and Amit Dhiman   668-680

Job Satisfaction of the Service Sector Marketing Professionals in UAE: A Selective Study

Indranil Bose, Aamir Hussain and Subhendu Dey   681-695

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