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Journal of Scientific and Technical Research

Volume 7 Issue 1

Published: 2017
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Binder-Free Locally Developed Activated Carbon Powder Based Electrode for Supercapacitor

G. G. Chathuranga, C. A. N. Fernando, U. S. Liyanaarchchi   14-19

Characterization of Supercapacitor Fabricated from Beli Fruit (Aegle Marmelos) Shell Activated Carbon for the First Time

G. G. Chathuranga, N. W . P. S. Perera, U. S. Liyanaarchchi, C. A. N. Fernando   20-25

Enhance the Photocurrent of Cu/n-Cu2O Solid State Solar Cell Using Coconut Shell Activated Carbon (CAC) as Upper - Electrode

M. V. W. Samarakkody, N. W. P. S. Perera, P. G. D. C. K. Karunarathna, C. A. N. Fernando   32-35

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